Thermal analysis and simulation can be carried out at any stage of design to ensure that every component and assembly performs properly within expected temperature ranges, and spot safety issues before they arise.

The heat flow through the components can be in a steady state (where the heat flow does not change over time) or transient in nature. The thermal analogy of a linear static analysis is a steady-state thermal analysis, while a dynamic structural analysis is analogous to a transient thermal analysis.

We can calculate the temperature and heat transfer within and between components in your design and its environment. This is an important consideration of design, as many products and material have temperature dependent properties. Product safety is also a consideration—if a product or component gets too hot, you may have to design a guard over it.

Baknor can easily investigate the impact of cooling and design changes on component temperatures using thermal fluid analysis. We can quickly determine the impact of fluids flowing in and around the design to ensure correct thermal performance, product quality, and safety.

Baknor can also calculate the temperature distribution within a solid structure, which is due to the thermal inputs (heat loads), outputs (heat loss), and thermal barriers (thermal contact resistance) in your design. Thermal structural analysis solves the conjugate heat transfer problem with the simulation calculation of thermal conduction, convection, and radiation.

Baknor has been providing electro mechanical engineering solutions and value added services for over a decade. Our services are used as a support function to customers who may be overloaded in projects or for customer who outsource their electromechanical design requirements. Customers find our mechanical engineers have great expertise in analyzing, designing, manufacturing, and maintaining all sorts of electro mechanical systems.

Our success comes from the fact that we constantly strive to maximize productivity and deliver unmatched electro mechanical engineering solutions that are customized and solve problems effortlessly.

Baknor provides electro mechanical engineering solutions, right from the concept design to product launch, including product validation (both virtual and physical testing), prototyping and production support.

Baknor offers a complete thermal management service: from Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation, model validation & improvement of existing systems to thermal management architecture, detail design / implementation and verification testing for new designs.

Many of our customers use Baknor to develop a thermal solution for their product but lack either the experience, time, or tools, to address this alone. We work with you to determine the requirements and constraints of your product and degrees of freedom for the thermal solution. Once the goals and design constraints have been established our team can optimize the design and study the sensitivity to the various design inputs and deliver the best design.

Baknor’s experience in liquid cooling can help you design a highly efficient cooling systems, that utilize single phase liquid cooling loops and heat exchangers.